Sustainable Textiles

Sustainable Textiles @ Urban Creative

Sustainable fabrics or textiles refer to fabrics that use raw materials, cultivation methods, manufacturing processes, maintenance and end of life disposal that are both earth and people friendly.

These can be textiles made from natural plant based fibers (cotton, hemp, jute or linen), recycled synthetic fibers or cellulose pulp based fabrics such as lyocell that use closed loop manufacturing processes.

Fair wages and safe working environments for farmers and workers, Non polluting and low carbon footprint manufacturing process, durability, ease of use and care and end of life biodegradability all need to be accounted for before we call a fabric sustainable.

At Urban Creative we have chosen to work with natural plant fiber based textiles that are truly sustainable. The three primary fabrics that we work with are cotton (GOTS certified as far as we can) , indigenous Kala cotton and Hemp. The textiles we use are dyed with natural plant based dyes or AZO free dyes only that have minimal negative impacts on water and soil.

To know more about each of these material read our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kala Cotton

GOTS certified organic cotton