Bento Bags

Bento Bags

Versatile Bento bags

Multi functionality and durability is one of our core design philosophies. Our bento bags have been designed keeping this ethos in mind. We want each of our minimalistic products to be versatile in use whether it is in the kitchen, in a storage closet, for the market or for travel.

With a traditional Japanese Azuma Bukuro design, our ‘Tanuka’ bento bag is a versatile knot bag with many uses for home and travel. We like to call them ‘an anything bag’.

Use them for storing veggies and fruits, as a project or gift bag, as a travel organizer, as a wrap for a roti or bread box or to carry your lunch box! Pair them with our travel cutlery wrap for a waste free lunch.

We make our bento bags with sustainable fabrics like organic indigenous Kala cotton and hemp.

Our Bento bags are available in 4 convenient sizes as below.

Bento Bag Sizes 

Use for storing up to 250 gms of fresh produce like vegetables and fruits
Use as a small snack bag for fruits like a banana or a couple of oranges
Use as a gift bag
Use for storing up to 500 gms of fresh produce
Carry a snack or lunch box.
Line a roti or bread basket.
Use as a travel organizer or a craft project bag
Use as a gift bag
Use for storing up to 1 kg of fresh produce
Carry a large lunch box.
Use as a travel organizer or a craft project bag
Use as a gift bag
Use for storing up to 1 kg of fresh produce
Carry a large lunch box.
Use as a travel organizer or a craft project bag
Use as a gift bag
Bento Bags

Sustainable fabrics

What fabric do we use to make our bento bags ?

We have carefully selected a range of sustainable natural fabrics to make our bags to suit different purposes and needs. We currently make our bags in the following textiles

Kala cotton:  Kala cotton is an old-world indigenous cotton variety from Kachchh, Gujarat, India and is by nature sustainable and organic, being cultivated without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is a purely rain fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests.

Hemp: Hemp is one of the oldest known natural textile fabrics and is more than 4 times stronger than cotton, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The hemp crop is fast growing and  extremely resilient, requiring no pesticides and very little land and water for cultivation.

Read here to to know more about our  Sustainable Textiles 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use bento bags for ?
Bento bags are extremely versatile and handy. You can use them to buy and store fruits and veggies from market to the fridge. Use them to carry a snack or lunch box or them as a travel storage accessory.
What types of bento bags do you carry ?
We have three types of Bento bags –
Striped pattern Kala cotton bento bags
Light weight kitchen utility bento bags in unbleached kala cotton
Hemp bento bags in assorted solid colours
Which type of bento bag do I choose ?
We have designed the three types of bento bags with careful consideration.
The bento bags in stripe patterns in Kala cotton are the most versatile. This fabric is sturdy and durable and these bags can be used for storing fruits and vegetables. To carry a lunch or snack box etc.

The light weight utility bento bags can be used for storing fruit and veggies, sprouting pulses, making panner and cheese or as a liner for a roti box.

Our hemp bento bags are made from medium weight fabric and can be used for carrying a lunch or snack box or use them for storing artisanal bread, as a gift bag, or even as a craft project bag for yarns and hooks.

Are the bento bags machine washable ?
Absolutely ! We recommend washing in cold water or at temperatures below 40 °C using an eco friendly detergent.