Drawstring Bags

Drawstring Bags

DRAWSTRING BAGS - Use and Sizing

Our simple drawstring bags have designed to support your low waste and plastic free life style and are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs at home and outside.

These durable bags are available in GOTS certified organic cotton as well as in sustainable  hemp fabric is a variety of  sizes and  solid colours. The draw strings are made of 100% durable cotton tape.

Use these bags for plastic free vegetable and grocery shopping and storage, as a travel accessory, a laundry bag a gift bag or to even store toys.

Refer to the  sizing guide below to find the bag best suited to your needs

Drawstring Bag Sizes

Up to 500 gms of dry groceries like rice, lentils, beans, nuts and dry fruits
Up 250 gms of fresh produce like lemons and herbs
Travel toiletries
Gift bag
Up to 1 kg of dry groceries like rice, lentils, beans, nuts and dry fruits
Up 500 gms of fresh produce like vegetables and fruits
Travel toiletries and organiser
Stationary and crafts project material
Small toys
Gift bag
Up to 2 kg of dry groceries like rice, lentils, beans, nuts and dry fruits
Up to 1 kg of fresh produce like vegetables and fruits
Travel organiser
Toys storage
Small laundry bag
Large Gift bag
Drawstring Bags

Sustainable Fabrics

Adhering to our core philosophies of multi functionality and durability, we narrowed down our fabric choices for out  drawstring bags to two options –   GOTS certified organic cotton canvas fabric and Hemp.

GOTS certified organic cotton canvas : We use medium weight GOTS certified organic cotton canvas fabric ( 230 GSM/ 7.5 OZ), which has been dyed with natural  herbal dyes.

Hemp: Hemp is one of the oldest known natural textile fabrics and is more than 4 times stronger than cotton, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The hemp crop is fast growing and  extremely resilient, requiring no pesticides and very little land and water for cultivation. We have used a medium weight hemp fabric ( 210 GSM/7 OZ) fabric for our drawstring bags. The dyes used are AZO free dyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can drawstring bags be used for ?
Drawstring are extremely versatile and can be used for a multitude of uses at home as well as outside for the market, travel, school or any outdoor activity
How do I know which size of drawstring bag I should buy ?
The drawstring bags are available in three sizes and our sizing guide above lists example of things can can be stored in each size.
Are the bags home washable ?
Absolutely. The bags can easily be washed at home by hand or in the washing machine. We recommend washing them with cold water or if soiled, then with water < 40 degrees C. We do not recommend using bleach.
Should I choose organic cotton or hemp drawstring bags ?
The choice of fabric depends on the intended use and frequency. Both our fabrics are durable and long lasting, with the hemp bags being more long lasting than our cotton bags and in more vibrant colours. The organic cotton fabric is priced lower than hemp bags and come in 4 natural dyed pastel colours. The color of organic cotton bags may fade slightly with use due to the use of natural herbal dyes.
Can I get custom sizes made ?
For a minimum order quantity , we do make custom sizes. Please reach out to us by email for the same.