Hair Scrunchies

Hair Scrunchies

Towards a circular textile eco-system

Our hair scrunchies were born out of a need to reduce and eliminate textile waste during production. While all our products are sized and designed to reduce wastage of fabric, we are still left with a small percentage of fabric pieces that we need to use more creatively ! We don’t consider small pieces of fabric as waste but as an untapped potential resource for which we are continuously exploring useful options. We also don’t use the term upcycled !

The other factor that we looked at while designing our scrunchies was that we wanted them to be 100% plastic free. So we replaced the conventional polyester elastic with natural rubber latex elastics. This makes our scrunchies not only 100% plastic free but also compostable at the end of their life.


Scrunchies in hand block printed cotton with natural dyes

These scrunchies are made from end fabrics we use to make our Furoshiki wraps and handkerchiefs. These are made from natural dyed hand block printed cotton fabric.

You will find them in four vibrant colour themes of madder red. mustard yellow, indigo blue and black & white with fun patterns.

Scrunchies in 100 % Hemp Fabric

These scrunchies are made from end fabrics we use to make our 100 % hemp aprons and tea towels and other home and kitchen linens.

Available in 6 solid earthy colours, these are great to pair with any outfit. Extremely durable, these will get softer after washing.

Scrunchies in Indigenous Kala Cotton

These scrunchies are made from end pieces of fabric we use to make our organic kala cotton bento bags and cutlery wraps.

Available in 3 striped patterns and one plain unbleached cotton, these are soft and have an understated elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these scrunchies truly plastic free ? What about the elastic ?
As we use natural latex rubber elastic for our scrunchies, these are 100% plastic free and compostable.
How do I wash the scrunchies ?
We recommend hand washing them in cold water, with mild soap to extend the life of the natural rubber elastic.
The cotton hand block printed scrunchies, especially the indigo dyed ones, tend to bleed colour, so please wash them separately.
Are the scrunchies available in different sizes ?
Yes. The scrunchies are available in 2 sizes. Small and Big.
The small size is approximately 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter.
The big size is approximately 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

The variation in size is a result of our effort to prevent wastage of fabric.