Madder Red Print Dāman Furoshiki


Choose from a range of prints in natural reds and maroons to find the perfect fabric gift wrap. These are a sustainable and reusable alternative to paper and plastic gift wraps. Not only can they be  reused for gift wrapping, but can also be used as a napkin, folded into a small tote bag, used as a bandana or even a scarf, making it a lovely accessory to your gift !


Bring a pop of colour to your festive gifts with our madder red fabric gift wraps. In this collection we have a selection of prints in natural red and maroon colors using traditional hand block printing with vegetable and natural dyes on 100% pure cotton fabric. Dāman Furoshiki is an amalgamation of India’s rich textile heritage with the Japanese art of Furoshiki, creating beautiful and reusable fabric gift wraps.

We have curated a range of prints from geometric patterns, fun and quirky objects, floral motifs to animals and bird prints using natural red dyes for this collection! Natural reds and maroon dyes are extracted from madder plant root.

Available Sizes and Combinations:

Small:                                         13 ” x 13 ” ( 33 cm x 33 cm ) – Diagonal = 18″/46 cm

Medium/Standard :            20.5″ x 20.5″ ( 52 cm x 52 cm) – Diagonal – 29″ / 73 cm

Large:                                         27.5″ X 27.5 ″ (70 cm x 70 cm) – Diagonal = 39″/99 cm

Extra Large:                            42″ X 42 ″ ( 106 cm x 106 cm) -Diagonal = 59″/150 cm

These Wraps are available as single pieces as well as in Gift sets of assorted numbers, sizes and prints. For the Assorted Gift Set, please choose your prints from the images and mention your choice in a message.

We often have more prints than what is listed. If you would like more print options do reach out to us HERE !

Choosing the right size:

A simple rule of thumb to apply while choosing a size is to choose a Furoshiki size with a diagonal length 3 times the longest length of the object you will be wrapping.  Read more on CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE FUROSHIKI here

Furoshiki Wrapping:

Each Dāman Wrap is accompanied by an easy to follow wrapping instruction diagram. Know more about FUROSHIKI WRAPPING STYLES here


Additional information


Medium (20" x 20"), Large (27" x 27"), X Large ( 42" x 42"), Gift Set of 3 small (13" wraps), Gift Set of 3 medium (20 " wraps), Gift Set of 3 Large (27" Wraps)


Fish on Red BG, Red Chevron on Cream BG, Flowers on Red BG, Kaleidoscope on Red BG, Leaves on Red BG, Lotus on Red BG, Assorted Prints