Set of 3 indigo and white print organic cotton handkerchiefs


A set of 3 buttery soft organic cotton handkerchiefs in a mix of solids and prints in natural indigo  dye. An ideal substitute for single use tissues and napkins. Makes for a useful and unique sustainable gift for a loved one.

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100%  GOTS certified organic cotton cambric handkerchiefs printed and dyed using natural indigo dye are light weight and soft and make a great accessory or gift for a low waste and sustainable lifestyle. These handkerchiefs, measuring 13″ by 13″ ( 33 cm x 33 cm ) can also be used as cocktail napkins or even as reusable furoshiki fabric gift wraps.

This set in a combination of prints and solids in indigo consists of one handkerchief in white, and two in indigo prints on white. This set of 3 hankies comes in a beautiful gift box.

Available Sizes and Combinations:

Gift Set of 3 Handkerchiefs   :    13 ” x 13 ” ( 33 cm x 33 cm ) – Diagonal = 18″/46 cm

(There may sometimes be a slight deviation from the sizes listed due to the width of available fabric. This deviation is generally less than 10%)

We often have more prints than what is listed. If you would like more print options do reach out to us HERE !

About organic cotton and natural herbal dyes.

These hankie sets make unique and useful gifts for the eco-conscious. Organic cotton is grown from locally-adapted varieties with use of organic sources of fertilizer and pesticides. Water consumption is also significantly lesses than conventional cotton. Natural and herbal dyeing while being safe for the skin is also safe for the planet as the dyeing process has low environmental impact and does not pollute water resources.Read more about GOTS certified organic cotton.

Wash Care: As these handkerchiefs are made using natural herbal dyes, there may be some bleeding of color in the first wash. We recommend hand washing separately with cold water. Do not bleach.

Furoshiki Wrapping:

To know more about how to use your handkerchief as a Furoshiki gift wrap read on here at FUROSHIKI WRAPPING STYLES