Natural Scented Wax Tablets

iSayu Natural Home Fragrances


Our Natural home fragrance range is inspired by India’s natural bounty from northern Himalayan forests to southern spice gardens. Free from any artificial fragrances, petroleum based products, phthalates and phosphates we hand make natural scented wax tablets and aromatic botanical sachets.

Meaning fresh in Sanskrit, our ‘iSayu’ range of Natural Home Fragrances use organic essential oils as well as dried flowers , herbs and spices such as Kashmir Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Vetiver (Khus), Cedarwood, Cloves & Cinnamon.

natural scented wax


Scented Wax Tablets are a natural, safe and earth friendly alternative to synthetic fragrance sachets and wardrobe fresheners. They are bars of natural wax that have been infused with a blend of essential oils to impart fragrance to small spaces such as wardrobes, closets and drawers.

Our ‘iSayu’ range of hand poured and crafted wax tablets are made using pure beeswax and sunflower wax infused with carefully selected organic essential oils. Our natural scented wax tablets are available in the following fragrance combinations.

  1. Kashmir Lavender and Rosewood
    – Soothing Floral and Woody fragrance notes
  2. Vetiver, Clove and Cinnamon
    – Comforting warm and spicy fragrance notes
  3. Orange, Peppermint and Eucalyptus
    – Refreshing and invigorating citrus fragrance note
  4. Parijat, Lime and Patchouli
    – Intense floral and calming fragrance notes

Key Features

  • Handmade, natural, and biodegradable
  • Freshly made in small batches
  • Uses Indian origin USDA certified organic essential oils
  • Packed in a sustainable and environment friendly materials like handmade reusable palm leaf pouches and sustainable hemp fabric
  • Free from plastics, petroleum, silicon, phthalates, phosphates & artificial fragrances
  • Does not contain petroleum waxes such as paraffin or micro crystalline wax
Natural Scented Wax Tablets

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use these scented wax tablets ?
Our natural scented wax tablets are ideal for small spaces like wardrobes, closets, drawers and long term clothing storage
How long does the fragrance last ?
The fragrance will last from 2-5 months depending on the area of the space its being used in as well as local climatic conditions. Larger the space, shorter will be the life of the fragrance
Do you use fragrance oils or other synthetic fragrances ?
We use only pure essential oils to fragrance our tablets. We do not use any fragrance oils or synthetic fragrances, which are most often derived from petroleum based products
Can I use the wax tablets in my car ?
As these are made from a base of beeswax and sunflower wax which can melt at 60 deg C. We do not recommend using them in cars as the fragrance can evaporate very soon and in hot weathers, the tablet can also melt.
Can I use the wax tablets in place of naphthalene balls for storing my woolens and other seasonal clothing ?
Absolutely ! Naphthalene balls are not only toxic and harmful to health but also do not readily break down in the environment. The carefully selected essential oils that are used in the wax tablets have insect repellent properties and are also known to be anti-microbial
Can I use these wax tablets in my bathroom or toilet ?
Yes, These can be used in the bathroom or toilet. However as these are relatively larger ventilated spaces, the fragrance will have a short shelf life and may dissipate within a couple of weeks.
What do I do with the scented wax tablet once the fragrance has diminished ?
Once the fragrance has diminished, you can convert them into a small jar candle using the DIY kit that we provide with the wax tablet. Alternatively you can compost it after removing the metal grommet and string.
Why are your wax tablets more expensive than others found in the market ?
We use only the purest and best ingredients to make our wax tablets. Be it the ethically and responsibly sourced beeswax or the certified organic essential oils. Also we use a much higher ratio of essential oils to wax, as compared to wax tablets made of Soy wax which has lower essential oil holding capacity as compared to our blend of waxes.