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Welcome to the Urban Creative Blog !!

Hi ! I am Brinda and am the owner and founder of Urban Creative.

Here in our series of blogs, we will be sharing not only our journey and process of how we choose, design, experiment and make our products but also our perspective and experiments with sustainable urban living. We truly believe that every single action and change in lifestyle how ever small, counts !

In our first few posts we will be talking about how and why we choose the key materials that go into making our products or even why we don’t use certain materials !!

When we choose our materials we always ask questions based on our philosophy of minimalist design, locally sourced and sustainably produced.

We ask questions such as  what are the choices of materials available ? Where did the raw material come from ? How far will it have to be transported ? Was it made in a manner to generate low waste ? What are the ecological impacts of production of the materials ? Was it made in an ethical fashion ? What will be the end of life disposal of my product ? Do I really need to add this material to my product ? Does the cost of a material justify its use ?

This some times leads us to even ask ourselves – Do I really need to make this product ? Will it add value to mine and other lives ?

We hope our articles, experiments  and insights can help you make more informed decisions about your future purchases or even help you decide not to purchase a particular product , even ours !!!

Towards a more sustainable and meaningful life !




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