Gift set of 4 animal hand block print handkerchiefs in assorted colours


A set of 4 assorted colour soft cotton handkerchiefs in animal prints using vegetable and natural dyes. Makes an ideal low waste gift for adults or children. Use as a handkerchief, a cocktail napkin or even as small furoshiki fabirc gift wrap.

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With traditional hand block printing in animal prints using vegetable and natural dyes on 100% pure cotton fabric, this set of 4 assorted colour handkerchiefs is an ideal gift for anyone on a low waste journey. It makes a great accessory  whether in your pocket, your handbag or even with a lunch bag. These handkerchiefs, measuring 13″ by 13″ ( 33 cm x 33 cm ) can also be used as cocktail napkins and also as resusable furoshiki fabric gift wraps. Can also be packed as a napkin with lunch boxes for adults or children.  These sets of 4 handkerchiefs can also be given as return gifts or favors for children or adults.

The natural and vegetable dyes that are used are sourced from various plants as well as natural minerals and elements. For example, natural indigo from indigo plant, maroons and reds from madder root , yellows and oranges  from turmeric and Himalayan rhubarb, blacks  from iron extracts mixed with jaggery and grays from potassium permanganate. the dying process makes use of natural mordants like alum and harda (Myrobalan)

Colour Scheme

  1. Indigo blue
  2. Madder red
  3. Mustard yellow
  4. Black and White

Available Sizes and Combinations:

Gift Set of 3 Handkerchiefs   :    13 ” x 13 ” ( 33 cm x 33 cm ) – Diagonal = 18″/46 cm

(There may sometimes be a slight deviation from the sizes listed due to the width of available fabric. This deviation is generally less than 10%)

Wash Care: As these handkerchiefs are made using natural vegetable dyes, there may be some bleeding of colour in the first wash. We recommend hand washing separately with cold water.

Using your handkerchief as a Furoshiki Gift wrap:

Your handkerchief is a versatile piece of fabric. If you would like to use it as a furoshiki fabric gift. wrap see. our  an easy to follow wrapping instruction diagram. Know more about FUROSHIKI WRAPPING STYLES here.