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How to choose the right size of Furoshiki wrap for your gift.
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Dāman Furoshiki in 100% hand block printed cotton by Urban Creative

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is the Japanese word for a traditional wrapping cloth, which can be used for wrapping different objects, ranging from clothes, books, gifts, lunch boxes, etc. The word ‘Furoshiki’ is derived from two word ‘Furo'(Bath ) and ‘Shiki’ (Spread out). It originated in ancient Japan (around 1100 BCE ). When people visited bath houses, they would wrap their clothing in the Furoshiki to prevent them from getting wet and would use the Furoshiki to stand on after the bath while drying and changing. Before the term Furoshiki was used, wrapping cloths were also called ‘Tsutsumi’ (wrapping) and ‘Hiratsusumi’ (flat wrap)

In present times, this ancient art and practice is as relevant as ever, as it makes wonderful reusable and sustainable gift wrapping option.

What types of fabrics are furoshiki made from ?

Traditional Furoshiki were mostly made of cotton fabric dyed and printed with unique prints. Silk fabric was also used for special occasions. Now a days furoshiki is available in cotton, silk, linen, rayon and even polyester. At Urban Creative, we prefer using natural materials like cotton, hemp and linen. Urban Creative’s Damān Furoshiki is made from 100 % cotton fabric hand block printed with natural and vegetable dyes.

Light and medium weight fabrics are ideal for furoshiki as they allow for easy folding and tying of knots.

At Urban Creative, we prefer using natural materials like cotton, hemp and linen. Materials like rayon, polyester and silk can also used for furoshiki. Our recommendation will be to choose natural materials or upcycled or recycled synthetic fabrics. Making furoshiki from old fabrics of sarees, curtains, or table cloths can also be a great way to upcycle and prevent waste. All you need is to cut a square of the desired size and sew the edges or head over to your neighbourhood tailor to sew it for you.

Choosing the correct size of Furoshiki

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Wrapping a gift in an Urban Creative Furoshiki

One of the most frequently asked question we get is “How do I choose the right size of Furoshiki for my gift object?

Furoshiki come in a variety of sizes, from small ones measuring a square foot to larger ones exceeding 2 square meters. Did you know that there are about 10 different traditional sizes of Furoshiki with each one having its own unique name!

Traditional furoshiki sizes ranged from 35 cm square to as big as 230 cm squares (These large sized furoshiki were also used as table cloths or wall hangings!)

Today popular sizes for Furoshiki that can be found and that are most versatile are 45 -50 cms ( 18″ – 20″)square , 65-70 cm ( 26- 28″) square and 100-105 cm (40-42″) square.

Now coming to the key question – How do you decide which size is correct for the object you need to wrap?

As a general thumb rule, pick a Furoshiki size with a diagonal length three times the longest length of the item you need to wrap.

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Furoshiki sizing guide diagram

For example, if the gift box that you need to wrap measures 9″ ( 22.5 cm) long x 6″ (15 cm) wide x4″ (10 cm) tall, you will choose a Furoshiki that has a diagonal of at least 27″ (67.5 cm ). If in doubt move a size up.

At Urban Creative we carry four different sizes,

13” x 13” (33 cm x 33 cm) – Diagonal = 18″ ( 45 cm )

 20.5″ x 20.5″ (52 cm x 52 cm) – Diagonal = 29″/ 73 cm

27.5″ X 27.5″ (70 cm x 70 cm) – Diagonal – 39″ /99 cm

42″ X 42″ (106 cm x 106 cm)- Diagonal = 59″ / 150 cm

A few examples of objects that can be wrapped in each of the sizes we carry are mentioned here

Small13” x 13” (33 cm x 33 cm)E.g., Jewelry boxes, perfume bottles, tea light holders, and small boxes. It can also be used as a handkerchief or cocktail napkin.
Medium20.5″ x 20.5″ (52 cm x 52 cm)E.g., for Books, Watch Boxes, Cosmetic and perfume sets, Kindle, mini iPad, and small toys.
Large27.5″ X 27.5″ (70 cm x 70 cm)E.g., Garment Boxes, Shoe boxes, I pad, Board Games, toys, small LEGO/playsets, 1 or 2 Wine bottles, and small bags. This size can also be folded into a Furoshiki Bag
X Large42″ X 42″ (106 cm x 106 cmE.g., Large Lego/play Sets, Toys, and Handbags. It can be folded into a furoshiki bag or even used as a tablecloth.
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Cylindrical objects wrapped in Urban Creative Hand Block printed Furoshiki

Different objects can be wrapped in creative ways with Furoshiki. See our wrapping guide for more ideas on Furoshiki wrapping styles.

Now that you know how to choose the correct size of Furoshiki, the next time you have to give a gift choose a sustainable and reusable furoshiki gift wrap or even make one of your own!

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