Travel Cutlery Wraps & Organisers

Travel Cutlery Wraps & Organisers


Adopt a sustainable and low waste lifestyle by carrying your reusable cutlery in our zero waste Cutlery Wrap. Also known as travel cutlery pouches or silverware wraps these travel cutlery or utensil pouches are compact and handy. Pair it with our Tanuka Bento Bag for a plastic and waste free lunch!!

With three pockets the Tanuka Cutlery Wrap can hold a spoon, fork and a knife or a reusable straw or chopsticks. The wide cotton tape is easy to knot and open. The flap cover design allows you to easily carry variable sizes of cutlery.

These travel cutlery roll-up wraps can also be used as a travel dental or grooming kit. It can also be used for carrying stationary or art supplies.

Travel Cutlery Wraps & Organisers


We make our cutlery wraps with organic and handloom fabrics such as indegenous and heirloom Kala cotton and GOTS certified organic cotton.  Kala’ cotton is an old world indigenous cotton variety from Kachchh, Gujarat, India and is by nature sustainable and organic, being cultivated without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is a purely rain fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests.


Our Cutlery wraps are available in a variety of patterns & prints in natural dyes. Make a lunch set by pairing with a matching Bento bag.

Cutlery wrap Size

Width 4.5″
Height Adjustable from
6.5″ to 9″
Travel Cutlery Wraps & Organisers
Travel Cutlery Wraps & Organisers

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cutlery can I carry in a travel cutlery wrap and organiser. ?
The Urban Creative Travel cutlery wraps and organizer has 3 sections. You can carry a spoon, a fork, a knife or a straw and straw cleaner.
Does the travel cutlery wrap come with cutlery ?
No. The travel cutlery wrap does not come with cutlery. We have designed it in such as fashion that you can use your exiting reusable cutlery in the wrap. The wrap has a long flap that can be adjusted to cover different sizes of cutlery.
What else can I use a travel cutlery wrap and organiser for ?
The wrap and organiser is a compact organizing accessory and can be used as a small travel kit for dental care accessories or even for make up and grooming tools.
You can use the organiser to also carry stationary and art and crafts tools.
What size of cutlery or tools can fit in the wrap ?
The wrap is designed with a long adjustable flap and tape so as to fit cutlery or travel accessories of different sizes. We encourage you to use your existing reusable cutlery and tools.
How do I wash and care for the UC travel cutlery wrap and organiser ?
You can hand wash or machine wash the wrap in water less than 30 degrees C preferable with a biodegradable detergent. Do not bleach.