Lavender and Basil Comfort Pillow Gift Pack with Furoshiki & Scrunchie


A beautifully curated gift pack wrapped in a reusable furoshiki wrap with a fabric scrunchie, the soothing and relaxing Lavender and Basil comfort pillow can be used  as an eye pillow or as a compress for body aches and pains.

Makes an ideal gift for a loved one.


A unique and sustainable gift for a love one. This soothing and relaxing comfort pillow is filled with pure Kashmir Lavender buds and dried Rama Tulsi weighted with organic flaxseeds in a GOTS certified organic cotton cover with an outer removable cover made from 100%  hemp fabric which is a sustainable and naturally anti microbial fabric. Organic essential oils of Kashmir Lavender and Holy basil provide additional aromatherapy.

This gift pack, comes wrapped in a reusable furoshiki wrap tied with a reusable fabric scrunchie. We do the wrapping for you, so you dont have to! Wrapping instructions are included with the pack.

The following items are included in the gift pack

  1. Lavender and basil comfort pillow in a gift box
  2. A reusable fabric Furoshiki wrap ( 20″ square )
  3. A  small matching hair scrunchie.

Choose between 4 natural dyed colour options for the Furoshiki Gift Wrap and Scrunchie.

This comfort pillow can be used as a relaxing eye pillow, as a hot or cold compress for body aches and pains, as a neck pillow or even as an aromatherapy sleep aid.

As an eye pillow: The weight of the flaxseeds apply a gentle pressure on the eyes while the scents of lavender and basil provide calming and soothing aromatherapy. Use the pillow to unwind and relax before sleeping, at the end of your yoga practice during Shavasana or any time you want to lay back and distress. It is also beneficial in relieving eye strain due to screen time. 

As a compress for body aches and pains: The pillow can also be used as a cold or warm compress to relieve neck pain or menstrual cramps, over the knees or any other aching joints. 

Other Uses: Place below or near your pillow when you sleep for a calming effect. Can also be used as a wardrobe freshner. Simple place between your clothes.

How to use your comfort pillow : The comfort pillow can be used at room temperature or it can be used warm or cold. To use at room temperature squeeze the pillow a few times to release the essential oils in the dried herbs for an enhanced experience. To use as a warm pillow, place the pillow in the microwave in 20 second  increments till you achieve the desired warmth. We do not recommend warming more than 60 seconds in total. To use as a cold pillow, place in the freezer inside a water proof bag for at least 1/2 hour before use.

Available Options :

The comfort pillows are available is three colour options for the outer cover

  1. White
  2. Natural Hemp ( undyed )
  3. Yellow

Size : 8.5″ x 4″ ( 21.5 cm x 10 cm)

Materials & Ingredients: Inner cover:100% GOTS certified organic cotton, Outer Washable cover:100 % hemp, Pillow filling: Organic Flax seeds, dried Kashmir Lavender buds, dried Holy Basil (Rama Tulsi), organic essential oils of Kashmir Lavender and Holy Basil.

Wash and Care : Outer cover: the outer cover can be removed and hand washed or machine washed in cold water. Inner cover: Spot clean only with dry or damp cloth.

At end of usable life empty out the inner pillow and compost the flax seeds and dried botanicals. The inner and outer covers can be used a small pouch.

Nt. Wt : 200 gms                 

Shelf Life: Best upto18 months from Mfg. Date.

Additional information

Furoshiki Gift Wrap Colour

Madder Red, Indigo Blue, Mustard Yellow, Black & White